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Meet the Team

Jim Sullivan Snr.
Jim Sullivan Snr.
Position:Joint Managing Director
Dislikes:Impatient people
Favourite Film:Pretty Woman
Best part of the job:Selling
Jim Sullivan Jnr.
Jim Sullivan Jnr.
Position:Joint Managing Director
Likes:Cars, Tottenham Hotspur, Playing Tennis
Dislikes:Arsenal, Ant & Dec, Shopping
Favourite Film:Shawshank Redemption
Best part of the job:Making new friends
Karen Sullivan
Karen Sullivan
Position:Accounts Manager
Dislikes:Cruelty to animals
Favourite Film:Shrek
Best part of the job:Working with my family
Mikey Dobosh
Mikey Dobosh
Position:Global Parts Manager
Dislikes:Nuts and hot chocolate
Favourite Film:Cat In The Hat
Best part of the job:Being able to work with my family
Rhea Solari
Rhea Solari
Position:PA & Sales Assistant
Favourite Film:Matilda
Best part of the job:Happy Customers!
Larissa Garth
Larissa Garth
Likes:City breaks and socialising
Favourite Film:Step Brothers
Best part of the job: Creating creative content and meeting customers
John Brett
John Brett
Position:Chief Engineer
Likes:Classic Cars
Dislikes:Fast Food
Favourite Film:Italian Job
Best part of the job:Customer Satisfaction
Michael Jay
Michael Jay
Position:Low Loader Driver
Likes:Swimming & Socialising
Dislikes:Traffic Jams
Favourite Film:Great Escape
Best part of the job:Being Here Every Day
Dennis O Sullivan
Dennis O Sullivan
Position:Plant Engineer
Likes:Arsenal FC & Darts
Dislikes:Spurs & Losing bets
Favourite Film:Bambi
Best part of the job:Proving Jim Jnr wrong
John O'Shea
John O'Shea
Position:Machinery Refurbisher
Likes:Boxing and motor racing
Dislikes:Bad drivers
Favourite Film:Green Street
Best part of the job:Job satisfaction
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